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10 Year Warranty Guaranteed

Window Medics USA Corp. offers a 10-YEAR WARRANTY for both Commercial and Residential customers who purchase 

Window Medics Restoration Services or Replacement Services from a Certified Dealer. The warranty period begins when the Window Medics restoration or replacement  is completed. Transferring ownership is possible, as long as the original receipt is produced for warranty claims.

All valid warranty claims will be supplied by Window Medics Corp. and may include:

1. Re-servicing of your window(s) if visible water, or water droplets, remain between your thermal window panes more than twelve (12) weeks after a Window Medics restoration process has occurred.

2. A replacement window is provided if window breakage should occur when Window Medics Dealer preform window restoration work.

3.  Replacing a micro-window filter may occur if water droplets appear between the thermal window panes after a Window Medics restoration treatment has been completed and more than twelve (12) weeks has passed.

4. If water droplets remain or foggy conditions continue after 12 weeks, the customer can have new replacement glass installed. A credit for the amount paid by the customer for the Window Medics process will be applied to the cost of the new replacement glass and installation.

5. If a replacement unit should  fail by cracking or fogging during warranty period a new replacement unit will be installed at no additional cost to the home owner.  

**** Please note: Warranty for replacements units and restored units does not cover acts of God ( tree branches, stones, etc.), damage caused by person ( baseballs, lamps etc. ) and is void if any portion of any window pane, replaced or restored has been tinted. 

Some states or jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts. This warranty gives customers specific legal rights, and that customer may also gain other rights, which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Please review your warranty with you Local Dealer and in the context of the jurisdiction.